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Sex Therapy, Sex Education Important To Health Of ADHD Teens

As the parent of a child with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I understand, very well, the challenges this condition can have. While my son’s diagnosis was made at a very early age, as a teenager, I am experiencing a whole variety of issues that are new and challenging nonetheless.

ADHD in teenagers poses a unique set of challenges for parents. Because ADHD is closely linked with risky behavior, as parents we must manage and supervise our child’s activities closely. Without proper management, many complications in the ADHD child will continue well into adulthood, only further complicating the child’s ability to find work, continue education and even establish healthy relationships.

Alcohol abuse and drug use are probably the most commonly discussed complications of children with ADHD. With close supervision, may substance abuse issues in ADHD teens can be averted. For some teens, however, the risky behavior goes well beyond this, even engaging in risky sexual behavior. In fact, without proper psychotherapy and mental health intervention, many ADHD adults, between 18 and 26, engage in risky sexual behavior long after their parent’s supervision has tightened.

One of the most common predictors of risky sexual behavior in ADHD young adults has been the development of antisocial personalities. If your teen is living with ADHD, and engages in regular antisocial activity, this may be the first sign of a complication that will lead to risky sexual behavior late in adolescence or into early adulthood. The underlying cause and origin seems to lie in the element of defiance wherein teens with ADHD generally become defiant as adolescence sets in. This defiance, when not addressed, leads to the development of defiance of social behaviors as adults, and can even place your child at-risk for committing sexually violent crimes.

If your son or daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD, and you notice an element of defiance with adolescence, it may be prudent to seek aggressive therapy for the defiance issue. The therapy your child will require will involve a collaborative approach that includes therapy that promotes communication between child and parents, and even offering age-appropriate sex education class and sex therapy. One of the most prevalent issues involves the development of aggression and defiance in boys with ADHD who commonly take that aggression out on their mothers only to act out aggressively, and inappropriately, towards women as they become older.

ADHD is a challenging complication for parents as well as the child who lives with the disorder. Understanding there are long term issues that must be addressed is important for your child’s outcome. Because risky sexual behavior is common among ADHD young adults, effectively managing this risk in adolescence is important in your child’s life and healthy transition into adulthood.Read more info of research papers online in The Jittery Monks visit this website.